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Tyler's Self Help


Created by Todd Donald, TYLER'S SELF HELP is a sketch/parody of all of those so-called 'self help' & 'get rich quick' ads of the modern age.


This sketch was (1 of 5) shorts made for an anthological show by Kyle Sweeney & Andy Petruzzo called 'MIND DREAMS', for Channel 101. It screened at Club Bahia in Los Angeles for the Channel 101 screening in the summer of 2021.

Performed by (alphabetical order): Todd Donald & Lauren Stein.

Written and Directed by Todd Donald

Audio/Video Recording, Video & Dialogue Editing, Sound Design, Music Sourcing & Mixing by Todd Donald

Additional editing & Post Effects by Kyle Sweeney


Tyler's Self Help begins like any other brand-preneur, materialistic, bullshit youtube ad, thinking it'll 'break the internet'.. until it ITSELF is broken and put back together through spirituality & therapy, all in one minute-long experience. Performed by Todd Donald & Lauren Stein.


Mind Dreams - Episode 7: featuring five different sketch comedy segments by Todd Donald, Kelsy Abbott, Geil, Nick Chilson, Carl Stoneking & Kyle Sweeney; weaved together brilliantly by Kyle Sweeney.


Mind Dreams was a Channy Awards 2021 Nominee & Winner for Best Show

Mind Dreams was a Channy Awards 2022 Nominee & Winner for Best Show


Mind Dreams was a Channel 101 show created by Kyle Sweeney & Andy Petruzzo, which remained in primetime from January 2021 to May 2022. It's made up of a handful of mini segments of sketch comedy, abstract, music and whatever else each contributor could cram into a minute for this anthology show in the vein of Jason Whetzell & Danny Jelinek's Everything. Kyle asked if I could drop him a vid for it and a few months of denying even the possibility of doing a video, I felt inspired and made this. Good thing?


Incidentally, my friend Lauren Stein who plays the therapist in this sketch, moved away to Israel the following summer so this ended up being our only collaboration. Lauren's an amazing, hilarious, talented & smart person /creative /conversationalist and more and i'm sad that I didn't follow through on my desire to work with her more.

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