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Charles and Chesty


Created by Todd Donald, Charles and Chesty is an episodic sitcom about a man and his Xenomorph roomate (who burst out of his chest), living in the city.


Based on a discord suggestion by David Seger.

Charles ... TODD DONALD




Ashley ... KP PARKER

Special Agent Lars Midthun ... LARS MIDTHUN

F.B.I. Director Thompson ... ABED GHEITH

Special Detective Betty ... CLARISSA DIOKNO

Trevor Predator ... DAVID SEGER

audience guy ... CHAD RIETSCHEL

Written by TODD DONALD

Directed by TODD DONALD

Original Music Composed by TODD DONALD

Dialogue & Show Editing by TODD DONALD
Sound Design by TODD DONALD

Mix & Master by TODD DONALD

Episode 1

Meet Charles, an ordinary guy from San Diego, and his roommate Chesty, the Xenomorph who burst through his chest. Somehow he survived and somehow... the rent gets paid. Performed by Todd Donald, Adam Garland, Sharon McCormack, Erin Pearce & Chad Rietschel.

Episode 2

Charles' long-lost sister Ashley arrives needing a place to stay, meanwhile a government agent is on the hunt for a mysterious black egg, and calamity ensues... Performed by Todd Donald, Adam Garland, Sharon McCormack, Lars Midthun, KP Parker & Erin Pearce. Contains portions of "Pre-Saturday Night Party Party" by tomandandy & "Freshly Squeezed" by Angelo Badalamenti.

Episode 3

Charles, Chesty & Ashley settle into their new living situation, the F.B.I. agent on the hunt becomes the PREY & the gang makes a new friend in the neighbourhood. Performed by Clarissa Diokno, Todd Donald, Abed Gheith, Sharon McCormack, Lars Midthun, KP Parker & David Seger. Contains portions of: "Rocky Mountains" by Wendy Carlos & music from the film 'Predator' (1987) by Alan Silvestri.

Frequency 101 Standings/Accolades

Frequency 101 January 2021 broadcast - 3rd place in votes

Frequency 101 February 2021 broadcast - 4th place in votes

Frequency 101 March 2021 broadcast - 6th place in votes/cancelled

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