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Frequency 101

FYI: Frequency 101 is a monthly competition for episodic shows that are 5 minutes or less. Each month, the Frequency 101 podcast is released with 10 shows by different creators (submitted from anywhere). The listening audience votes for their favourite 5 shows. The results are tallied and winners are announced at the monthly Channel 101 screening in Los Angeles. The 5 shows with the most votes get to make their next episode for the following month's 'broadcast', the rest of the shows become 'cancelled shows' or 'failed pilots'. The shows above represent shows I've either created or contributed to, for Frequency 101. Channel 101 & Frequency 101 are an official non-profit organization and there is nothing that makes money. The 20 year history of 101 shows dating back to summer 2003, up to and including the audio-only Frequency shows may or may not include songs by famous bands/artists. For future purposes, a clearable version of all my shows can be made. They exist on this website in their current form merely as a demonstration of my editing & sound design abilities.

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