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The Quintessence Coalition on ROGERStv


Sights... sounds... spirits...

The Quintessence Coalition, brings an immersive arts experience right to your living room.

Podcast Run:
January 2021 to NOW


Gregory Wilson: Producer

Afternoon Tea Label: Creator, Curator

Todd Donald: Voice Over & "Tea Talks" Contributor

more credits available on website...


Granted, this is a television program and not a podcast. I hate categorization sometimes, and it just made sense to me to file my work with the QC in podcasts because my work with/contributions to them is entirely audio recordings. Through the coordination of a fantastic musician and longtime friend Deanna Wells, my contribution to this beautiful monthly program has not only been to showcase snippets of podcast interviews (both classic & fresh and just for the program), but I was invited to be the voice that greets you and they give me the fancy credit of 'host', although I'm sure I don't qualify for that here. Definitely check out this program if you support independent arts.


S01E01 - Lanterns & Lace
S01E02 - In the Stillness
S01E03 - Encouraging Spring
S01E04 - Fairweather Fancy
S01E05 - Maybe Baby
S01E06 - Flora and Fauna
S01E07 - Midsummer's Shadows
S01E08 - In Your Power
S01E09 - Grounded
S01E10 - Delighted to be Dreadful
S01E11 - Nocturnal

S02E01 - Where the Hope is
S02E02 - Heart to Head
S02E03 - Sound of Silence
S02E04 - Silhouette
S02E05 - First Breath
S02E06 - Discombobulated
S02E07 - No More Secrets
S02E08 - Phoenix Fire
S02E09 - Under Pressure