This guy's about to get a LITTLE help from his BEST FRIEND. Paul Pedersen never learned to stand-up for himself and relied entirely on his dog, Rachel McAdams, for emotional support. One magical night, fate intervened, leaving everyone in Paul's path wondering "What's gotten into Paul?"!


Created by TODD DONALD

Written & Directed by TODD DONALD

Script notes by KYLE SWEENEY

Editing, sound design & original music by TODD DONALD

KELSY ABBOTT .. Fairy Godmother

RYAN COLE .. Ian Smith

ADAM GARLAND .. Stephen Lambert

ABED GHEITH .. Mr. Albright

LARS MIDTHUN .. Paul Pedersen

ERIN PEARCE .. Mrs. Trombetta

KYLE SWEENEY .. Mark Feudo

ALENKA ZAC .. Jeanette Christensen/Haley


Paul Pedersen was down on luck and hope, until his loving companion Rachel McAdams left a little something magical in his coffee-maker. Features Kelsy Abbott, Ryan Cole, Adam Garland, Abed Gheith, Lars Midthun, Erin Pearce, Kyle Sweeney & Alenka Zac.

Made in March 2022 for Frequency 101

This was a pilot I made for Frequency 101, in March 2022. It was a pretty high maintenance yet low-concept show idea. The story in this 'pilot' was a bit too movie trailer-like and it didn't seem to make the voting audience happy. However. I still think it's damn funny and the cast is hilarious! This is an ode to the basic-ass comedies I bought on VHS in the '90s.


Pilot - 8th place (March 2022 screening)