Paul Pedersen

Scripted Podcast Series

5 min episodes   |   English   |  2022

A funny little romp about the struggle between intellect & animal.  Features the voice talent of Kelsy Abbott, Ryan Cole, Adam Garland, Abed Gheith, Lars Midthun, Erin Pearce, Kyle Sweeney & Alenka Zac.

Created by Todd Donald

Episode 1 of 1

Until now, Paul Pedersen was living a predictable life; taken advantage of, incapable of defending himself and going home to feed his loving dog... One night, a malevolent force intervenes.

This show was a Frequency 101 pilot, created and submitted in March 2022 to the monthly festival for 5 min or less shows. It was one of 10 shows where depending on the vote count, it would move on to make the next episode the following month. At the screening on March 26, 2022, Paul Pedersen place 8th and became a "failed pilot".

Voice Actor
Kelsy Abbott . . Fairy Godmother

Lars Midthun . . Paul Pedersen
Erin Pearce . . Mrs. Trombetta

Ryan Cole . . Ian Smith

Kyle Sweeney . . Mark Feudo

Abed Gheith . . Mr. Albright

Adam Garland . . Stephen Lambert

Alenka Zac . . Jeanette Christensen


Director, Writer & Producer
Todd Donald + script notes by Kyle Sweeney

Editor & Sound Design

Todd Donald + dog sfx library donated by David Seger


Todd Donald + horn melody in outro by Luke O'Hearn