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When it comes to making podcasts...

Anything is Possible

YES there are "best practices" and OF COURSE tried and true methods of communicating your message and ideas with a podcast! Done... what next? Who's to say we can't do that AND reinvent the wheel? Let's shoot for the stars! Let's ride a Unicorn, a real one!

Friends at Party

Entertain the Listener

Is there a law that only comedy podcasts are allowed to create laughter and entertain you? You can educate and inform your audience in a way that offers that, without sacrificing the integrity of your message;

the key is only how.

Make it Immersive

Every listener is a part of your podcast's community and journey. Get them engaged and involved! Surveys, fan art, fan mail, questions, reviews, donations, etc.... imagine the possibilities!

Scientist with Microscope

Pay Attention to Detail

A podcast episode can be as disposable as today's news tomorrow, or an evergreen resource and time capsule that helps guide listeners in the present AND future. Attention to detail, creativity, pacing, timing, etc. will benefit both, regardless of the genre.

Colorful Houses

Make it Unique

And why shouldn't it be!? You're unique! Your method of communicating is unique to you. People either instantly or over time can smell the repetition of those who imitate. By the time you're recording, you will be miles ahead!

I've been, absorbing, binging, researching and creating podcasts since their infancy, before Marc Maron or that UFC guy launched theirs... when Ricky Gervais still thought podcasts wouldn't survive on 'free downloads'. I know, right?

People want to enjoy "television" no matter where they are or what they're doing and there are podcasts. Why then, haven't podcasts yet explored the fullest range of interesting programming? What makes some more interesting or entertaining than others? How are there so many, but only certain podcasts are well known; despite any one's best effort to promote or manipulate internet data.?

Your podcast deserves a producer who cares, knows and listens to podcasts. Your business, brand, comedy, education, etc. should be benefiting from ad revenue and relentless audience support, plain and simple!

I've dedicated my life to creating, pioneering and refining in the audio-only space. So I'm here on my very own website, heart in hand, to request that you consider me, if you want your podcast to be a cut above that is... If you don't, that's cool too!

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I've been publishing my own podcast (in various forms) since January 2008. It's hard to find the balance between a vanity podcast - where the goal is to have fun and use it as a conduit for social interaction - and a promotion savvy podcast that thinks like a business or empire.


When I'm not editing, eating, exercising, sleeping or taking long walks on the beach, I'm looking forward to opening up emails from you, with new & exciting opportunities! True story... except for long walks on the beach!

The most exquisite experiences tend to come out of collaboration and boosting the presence of OTHERS... and It's simultaneously the surest way to success and more enriching life experience. In 2018 I began producing podcasts for friends and was ultimately invited to use my conversation-editing talents on the podcast "And Sometimes .... Why? with Rob Szabo".


Before long I realized that while many people know how to edit and it's accessible to learn, only a fragment know how to truly EDIT a podcast.

Podcasts when they're edited shouldn't sound like they're edited. People don't talk in sentence fragments and there are moments which might not seem like they belong in that micro-context, but they do belong if the speaker is going to sound like a human being. Knowing what to keep or delete on the level I now do isn't something I strived for, but something I take great pride in, having spent 15+ years x 30-60 episodes/yr x 4-8 hours per episode... wait, I'm cross-eyed now, are you!?

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