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I’m a creative & audiophile from Waterloo Region, ON, Canada. I’ve worked in Recording Studios for 20+yrs, Radio & Podcasting 15+yrs, and have found myself most at home with audio-only narrative storytelling.


I'm quite versatile when it comes to approaching projects that can be stylized or realistic and everywhere in between. I believe a lack of visuals doesn’t make anything impossible, you just have to imagine and solve the puzzle. Oh, and I absolutely adore the collaborative process! So give me all the notes, teammate. :D


To learn more about becoming a teammate/hiring me, send it to


Click here to download my resume.



GradDip, Broadcasting Radio & Television, emphasis in radio

Cert, Music


Essential Skills/Services:

Dialogue Editing

Sound Design


Recent Work

The Cul-de-Sac - Episode 2

Roles: Dialogue & Show Editor, Sound Design/Mix

Comedy series.

Written by Becky Thyre. Directed by Annie Girard.

Click here for full page/more episodes.

The Farah Tunk... Show - Episode 9

Roles: Dialogue & Show Editor, Sound Design/Mix

Comedy series.

Written & Directed by Annie Girard and Diana Wright.

Click here for full page/more episodes.

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"Working with Todd is a dream! His timing and sound design are SPOT ON and make character and story come to life and jokes ten times funnier, maybe a hundred times.


I wish he was editing and composing for this testimonial because you'd cry at the heartfelt parts and laugh out loud at the funny parts and it would all flow seamlessly and be turned in on time with notes perfectly and happily addressed and you'd have the music stuck in your head for days."

Annie Girard IMDb

Writer/Producer Farah Tunk


"Todd Donald is the best kept secret in audio editing. He’s a fantastic editor and composer and a delight to work with. He has a great ear and wonderful comedic timing. My only fear in giving this testimonial is that he’ll get too busy and not have time for my projects."

Diana Wright IMDb

Writer/Producer Farah Tunk

Original Shows

Blood Blade - Episode 1

Roles: Creator/Writer/Director, Dialogue & Show Editor, Composer, Sound Design/Mix

Comedy/Horror series.

Written & Directed by Willy Roberts & Todd Donald.

Click here for full page/more episodes.

All Frequency 101 Shows


All Unscripted Podcasts


"Todd Donald is a dream to work with as well as being a gifted producer and editor with vision and talent who delivers! I love what he does with my podcast "Lit with Melinda Hill" and what he did with my friend Annie Girard's scripted podcast series that I voiced a character on and I highly recommend his services."

Melinda Hill IMDb

Actor, Comedian, Coach Lit with Melinda Hill


"Todd Donald was the conversation editor for my podcast “And Sometimes ... Why?”.


He edited 60 episodes over 1 1/2 years and was relentlessly responsive, meticulous and delivered every edit on schedule. He routinely condensed 2hr+ conversations to under 1 hr, without ever feeling like anything was lost. He consistently delivered edits that maintained momentum and energy while staying on focus for our podcast brand."

Rob Szabo Official Website

Composer, Producer, Songwriter, Music Editor & Podcast Host And Sometimes... Why?

Hello! cont. tl;dr

I grew up in a Hamilton, Ontario, Canada - later in Kitchener/Waterloo, Ontario, and could not have been further removed from the entertainment industry, even though every one of my loves, passions and interests have their origin in HollywoodIn particular, I can still recall playing Adam Sandler's comedy albums on cassette in the 1990s, later becoming addicted to Monty Python records. It was most likely films and video games that made me close my eyes and wonder "Why the hell can't one have a cinematic experience without having something to look at?". The answer is of course, "Well of course they can! Silly me!".


My background as a musician & recording artist has fed into my scripted podcast fascination as I'm sure it does with most. You have to have an innate understanding of how sounds work together or can be MADE to work together and carry on a relationship that's clear, present and f*cking bold.

My background as a podcast editor and innate understanding of rythym is applied to the rythym of conversation & dialogue. Rythym can be crafted to communicate things one would otherwise see on the screen, emotionally. Not to brag, but my dialogue timing has blessed me with a fair bit of unbiased praise.. I didn't expect it, but I've in turn used that praise as an excuse to further develop that skill.

FREQUENCY 101, which is an audio-only version of CHANNEL 101, is a monthly short-festival for shows. You have one month to make (write, record, edit etc.) & submit a "Pilot", 5 returning show creators listen to submissions and choose the 5 shows they'll compete with and the listener has 10 shows to vote for. If your show is voted back at the monthly screening event (or in this case, a week after the FREQUENCY 101 podcast comes out), you get to make episode 2, 3, and so on, until your show doesn't get voted back (otherwise known as "cancelled".


Channel 101 was created in the summer of '03, by Dan Harmon & Rob Schrab - among Channel 101's best known shows are 'Car Jumper', 'Yacht Rock' and pre-SNL content by The Lonely Island, Jack Black and future Community/Rick & Morty writers/actors.

I found myself connecting in conversation with the Channel 101 community that was figuring out how to get it's footing in the thick of COVID-19 (summer 2020). Never before have I found myself in the (albeit, virtual) company of such fellow creatives.. You know, the kind of people obsessed with storytelling and making things that I did not grow up surrounded by. In this world, I was able to take everything I've been doing and learning since 1997, and become a storyteller myself.

Through this community, I've found literal community, as well as collaborators, supporters and each person - talented A F. I've also (albeit in my late 30s) realized that while I've been content (which is a nice way of saying a mix of depressed and trying really hard to be content) working in a factory, bartending, retail, you name it.. My skills, talent and time ARE worth something.. that the things I do better than I do anything else IS worth me going after a living-at-it. So I appeal to the human and non-business side of anyone reading this optional attached reading when I say.. hire my ass!

Love, Todd Donald

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